Is There Any Ice Cream?

Accepting the Gift of Caregiving
Part One and Part Two   

Understanding a caregiver's life will benefit: 

          1. anyone in a support role, 
                 2. 'friendly visitors,'

         3. service workers,        

            4. family and friends

             5. caregivers


 Will you become overwhelmed?

       Do you know that spouse-caregivers

         can laugh & cry,

             feel anger & depression;

               can be happy & grateful,

                  make mistakes & learn,

                      slam doors, carry guilt,

                          feel alone & need support??

Accepting the Gift of Caregiving, Part One

Is There Any Ice Cream?

(Published July 2019)

Is There Any Ice Cream book cover

Surviving the Challenges of Caregiving

for a Loved One 

with Alzheimer's, Anxiety and COPD 

 On the day of diagnosis
       you become a CAREGIVER. what?

Judith Allen Shone never asked “what if” her loved one became ill and she, alone, and in her seventies, had to be the one to care for him. It never occurred to her that she would become a caregiver 24/7, without support for four years.


She never dreamed she would experience desperation and loneliness beginning just three years into retirement.


But that is exactly what happened.

    Would you have been ready?

 How would you grapple with unfamiliar situations? 

Will you be ready?
                  What would you do?


The author discovered over time, that the voices of caregivers sharing personal stories helped eliminate uncertainties, stress and fears while her confidence and courage blossomed.


Thus she was encouraged to share her stories to benefit future caregivers, to shine a light on the caregiving world through her journey.


We encourage readers to
become familiar with the role of caregiving...

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Inescapable Heartaches of Caregiving
for My Love 

with Alzheimer's, Anxiety, and COPD 

Accepting the Gift of Caregiving, Part Two

Did You Hide the Cookies?

(Published August 2020)

Through her collection of experiences,
the author reveals how, over time,
her attitude was challenged, moving her to
accept the gift of caregiving.


"And just like that, I was a caregiver
Taken from Is There Any Ice Cream? © 2019


Rosalynn Carter,
former American First Lady,
has said,

"There are four kinds of people in the world:
those who have been caregivers,
those who are currently caregivers,
those who will be caregivers,
and those who will need caregivers."

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"Did You Hide the Cookies?"
follows on the heels of the stories in
"Is There Any Ice Cream?"

Sharing stronger emotional experiences 
associated with later stages of Alzheimer,
anxiety & COPD,

Exposing frightening, unfamiliar
caregiver situations,
and unexpected heartaches
peppered with the joys of caregiving.
Written from the perspective
of a spouse caregiver.

  Shone juggles humor with insight as she
  chronicles the story of

  • an unprepared and desperate caregiver,

  • on an emotional journey,

  • caring for her loved one 

  • with COPD, Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, vascular dementia, cancer with occasional mysteries arising.

  Read to reduce fears and gain confidence
  through being aware of the coping mechanisms
 another caregiver learned as she lived.
 to find meaning in your evolving role by
 getting a sense of the life of a spouse-caregiver
 living in Alzheimer's world.

  Understanding will help reduce the stigma, the
 fears of t he misunderstood, associated with
 dementia diseases and those who are their


Did You Hide the Cookies? book cover


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Accepting the Gift of Caregiving, is a two-book suite, 
Is There Any Ice Cream? © 2019     

Did You Hide the Cookies?   © August 2020.