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If you are in a support group or wish to create your own, you are eligible to receive AGC Support Group  packages of Questions for Discovery.

These questions are not a test . They are to prompt discussions so you and your group will find your own answers.  

Use the form on the right, to indicate where you wish the email with the password to the questions to be sent.


Questions are packaged four chapters on a 8.5" x 11" PDF-download file for convenience of monthly meetings and facilitator considerations.

If you would like to receive notice about the second book, Did you Hide the Cookies?...(5th question) you will permit me to put your email and name on a list so you get notice in 2020.   


Author's caregiver tasks take priority at all times!

Thank yourself for being a caregiver or for supporting a caregiver.

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*** Within a 24-48 hours we will send you the link and password to access the download page. From there you download the questions. PDF packages of your choice can be downloaded from your laptop or desktop computer. 

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