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How does a caregiver feel?

also see book site:

“What is it like to be a caregiver?"

When our group of caregivers wished we had had helpful ways to explain the chaos of our situations, I created this little “I need you to know” graphic description, a picture of caregiving as it feels to me.

This visual has helped bring understanding into the conversations of families and friends where at first it was difficult to bring up the topic or to discuss it at all.

Copy 4" x 6" image. Print it out and frame it.  Place it where others will see it. Allow it to stimulate a conversation that could help you explain your life as it really is.


Maybe it will encourage questions.  I hope it will lighten your burden as you find support from those who understand.

Share this caregiver graphic to help start your conversation.”  It is free to download or copy. Files are pdf and you can open them before saving them.


Taken from Is There Any Ice Cream?  

Copyright © 2019 by Judith Allen Shone


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