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Maybe our stories will connect you to your emotions and in some way to a caregiver who needs your help.  Caregivers find comfort in knowing others understand.


How can you eliminate one caregiver's lament?  


"Our family and friends just don’t get it.

It’s not their fault, but,

because they haven’t lived through it,

the challenges and demands of a caregiving life
almost impossible for them to understand."

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I am honored to be among those who perform the
role of caregiver.

I must underscore the admiration I feel for caregivers. I am inspired by their resilience and perseverance, their courage and commitment. I am humbled to walk among them.

Many are silently worn out by caregiver challenges.


Get insight into the life of a caregiver. Recognize how exhausted and stressed they are. Accompany the author on her journey so you can discover how you can, what you can, when you can help.

Ask a caregiver how you can help with their stress and frustrations, their sadness and their heartaches.

I felt sadness and frustrations every day and finally I began to journal about My Love and our situation. 


I became aware that I was not the only one who was unprepared and untrained to become a caregiver. I felt a need to inform others in the same situation what might be ahead.

And so... the need to write our story became the way I let others know they are not alone.  I hope I have done that for at least one person.

Hold a book in your hand and read the large print, relate to the friendly, lovingly told stories of a caregiver and her love.



Judith Allen Shone, caregiver-author

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