I cherish your kind words. Thank you.

... reading your book broke my heart. Thank you so much for your honesty, for telling the hard truth, for shedding a light on what our culture doesn't want to see or talk about or know. I so appreciate you for all that it took for you to live every experience you described and didn't describe, to write the book, get it published, and share it with the world. I honor you for continuing to live in such integrity. You and your book are a gift! I look forward to the day I can read the next one πŸ˜Š with love, appreciation, and admiration  πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’•

Betsy H.A.

Judy, I wanted you to know I bought your book "Is There Any Ice Cream". You were right, our journeys were different yet the same. When I was done reading it I actually felt better about how I did as a caregiver to my husband. When you realize others journeys are so similar and can compare and find that we had the same thoughts, issues and ideas I felt like I did OK. Great book. I will recommend to others.

Carol  B.K. - Caregiver for spouse


BWB Reader, Richard G. (MD, USA)

"My mother-in-law just finished reading your book.  She read the entire book...  She loved it."  


“I know the readers of AlzAuthors will be very interested in your book as you write from such a powerful yet vulnerable point of view as a caregiver to your loved one.” 
~ Jean Lee, author, founder Alzheimer Authors

“Judith writes such an honest account of caring for her loved one, sharing how activities like art and music can help not only the one being cared for–but the carer as well–cope with the challenges faced after a #dementia diagnosis.”
~ Vicki Tapia, Alzheimer Author, on Twitter

“Last night I ordered your book on Amazon for a friend who has been caregiver for her husband for the past couple years…she was telling me the isolation she feels. She has not been able to get out for lunch with friends and receives very little help from her children. I thought this book might help her to know that there are others experiencing the same feelings. xxxooo” 


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