I cherish these kind words. Thank you.

I am grateful for this book and the many stories shared by the author. She gives me perspectives on my own situation and ways of being a caregiver. We don't have to

walk this path alone.  Reader

I have just finished reading Is There Any Ice Cream? and would recommend it to anyone, whether they are in a caregiver position at the moment or not. It has excellent information on the services available and the need to get involved as soon as possible in group activities. I must thank Judy for writing this book and sharing

her experiences, as I know it could not have been an easy jouney. The book is also an eye opener for everyone on the devastating effects of memory loss and illness. It is truly inspirational!
Teri Nicholson Carruthers, Boating Buddy (and lover of beautiful flowers)

Judy, I have read and reread Is There Any Ice Cream?  Very moving!! Your words impacted me because I have family members who have experienced this issue. 

Larry L. Burda, caregiver and friendly support for caregivers

Finished your book at 5:00 AM this morning! It was so interesting. Thanks for sharing your journey. May God bless and give you strength to continue.

Kathryn, Judy's childhood babysitter stunningly beautiful. I was compelled to bump it ahead of the other books I'm currently reading. Can't wait to read the rest of your story in Book Two. You are one

strong resilient human...
Genevieve Whitmire Burda, former Trustee with Western Carolina University

As I read, I feel we are talking. I am asking questions that you are answering. I have a friend who also will benefit from reading about your life of caring.  By the way, the U.S. paperback I received is definitely a "large print" easy to read book with better spacing than most large-print books. 

Ruth A Hopkins, PhD, Adult Learning Specialist who believes "questions matter."

Essential Reading for All Caregivers.  I read this book because I was interested in knowing the path that Judy's life had taken her since our days as high school classmates. I always knew that she had the qualities for being a 'best friend' (because she was!) but I had no idea she could express those same qualities--courage, knowledge, and humor--through her writing. If you are caring for someone with serious health issues, and you need someone who understands your ordeal
and how to survive it, get this book and keep it on your nightstand. You'll discover
it's the best friend you could have. 

Robert Conrow, Author & editor, high school friend of author.

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 I am grateful. Thank you.

This book offers an intimate view of the author's life as a caregiver: the challenges, joys, and emotions. Shone's detailed recollections make you feel like you are there with her in the moment, learning to accept what life throws our way with love and compassion. A thought provoking and enriching read.

Amazon Customer

"Your book is a “must read” for all facing the care of a family member with age-related mental challenges! My husband still participates in his volunteer activities and the drugs seem to be helping, but your book helped me to realize that we need a PLAN. I’m not good with surprises."

Sally T. 

"My mother-in-law just finished reading your book.  She read the entire  She loved it."  


"I have read your first book "Is There Any Ice Cream?" and highly recommend it! I look forward to your second book "Did You Hide The Cookies?" I could relate to so much in the book! It took away some of the quilt I feel realizing others thought the same way. It also gave me great ideas for situations that may come in our future as we travel down this horrible road of dementia. Thank you for the book and this blog."

Anonymous (Eileen) from blog

Judy, I wanted you to know I bought your book "Is There Any Ice Cream". You were right, our journeys were different yet the same. When I was done reading it I actually felt better about how I did as a caregiver to my husband. When you realize others journeys are so similar and can compare and find that we had the same thoughts, issues and ideas I felt like I did OK. Great book. I will recommend to others.

Carol  B.K. - Caregiver for spouse

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