Read and share these books
          with caregivers who are floundering
                    in the unfamiliar world of caregiving.

‚ÄčWho might like to have this book? Tell them about it.

  • Book club members

  • Caregivers

  • Church libraries

  • College health students

  • Community libraries

  • Families of caregivers

  • Families of loved ones who need caregivers

  • Government health professionals

  • Government policy making professionals

  • Hospital visitors

  • Long-term care staff

  • Medical professionals

  • Mental health care professionals

  • Personal service workers

  • Senior health care professionals

  • Senior residence staff

  • Support organizations and personnel for caregivers

  • Students of eldercare

  • Travelers

  • University health departments

          (see who is ready list)


  • Gift a book to a caregiver or to their support group.  

  • Recommend it to your library.

  • Ask for it to be available on OVERDRIVE so others can read it.

  • Gift it to your church library for members to read.

  • Suggest senior centres put it in their library.

  • Bolster the spirit of caregivers with a copy showing your support

  • Recommend so others can understand the caregiving life. 


Caregiver    Alzheimer    Story    dot com   ‚Äč



  • Hospital gift shops

  • Libraries, city and educational facilities

  • Online booksellers

  • University book stores


What businesses might order this book for you? 

Published by FriesenPress, Distribution by Ingram Network‚Äč

TRY AMAZON first.  Book  is online at many sites See SHOP HERE

Download the pdf file, download info sheet, print and post in appropriate location or email to someone you feel would benefit from being aware of this book. Maybe they will be moved to add their name to our mailing list created to notify readers when the book has launched. This book is available for ordering online as an ebook, paperback or hardcover from your favorite book site, see shop here below.
  • Book shops

  • Educational book stores

  • Gift Shops

  • Health supply stores

YOU can be the one to help caregivers find their way... 

                Give this book to help caregivers bridge the gap                                                    

  between fear and acceptance,                                   
  between dread and confidence.

                       YOU can be the one to revitalize their courage.

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