The role of caregiver evolves. Will you be ready?

The Accepting the Gift of Caregiving series, Part One, "Is There Any Ice Cream?" and Part Two, "Did Yo Hide the Cookies?" offer a collection of experiences to help generate an appreciation for the role of caregiving, hopefully to benefit each one of us as we accept the inevitability that one day we will likely become a caregiver.


The role of caregiver evolves, as does the support needed. Lives and 
relationships can be enriched from attempting to identify with and 
understand caregiving emotions and experiences. 


Being familiar with life stresses associated with challenges facing 
new caregivers enhances their preparation for finding their way 


Who might benefit by becoming more aware? 

       1. Those who are caregivers

       2. Those who will be caregivers

       3. Those who support caregivers
       4. Those who may one day need a caregiver 
       5. Those who will need to support caregivers 

       6. Friends who want to support caregivers

       7. Family members of loved ones needing caregivers
       8. Professionals, medical and service personnel, service workers,
          and counselors who work with caregivers and their loved ones
       9. Employers who have caregivers on staff 

      10. Teachers and professors who have students who are involved
          in the caregiving process

      11. Organization members whose associates are involved in the
          caregiving process

      12. Government officials who serve caregivers and those who
          formulate health policy and laws related to both caregivers 
          and their loved ones.


 In what ways will you be ready?

Judith Allen Shone, caregiver-author

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